About me

Johann Schopplich


My core skills are in my in aesthetic flair, semantic coding, progressively enhanced web applications and generally putting the user first.

Study of Pharmacy

I have always been passionate about development and design, especially in the interaction of both areas: web design / web development. At the time of my A level, however, I couldn't find a suitable course of studies that met my requirements. In addition, I strived for a stable livelihood and decided to study pharmacy in Greifswald, Germany.

Parallel to my studies, I became familiar with web technologies every free minute and gained intensive experience in private projects with programming languages, their modern standards, design, user experience and project support. It was not until graduating that I realized that this interface was my vocation.

since 2018:
The begin as lateral entrant

At the beginning of 2018 – the end of my pharmaceutical studies – I took courage and made the decision to become a career changer in the industry. I love to give content new creative, suitable forms. My future profession should be the same as my vocation. I want to live my passion and nothing but.

For questions and ideas, or if you just want to say hello drop me a line!


For 2019 I set myself a monthly achievable goal. In March my monthly project was to design, develop and publish a first article. There were even three. Since then, I enjoy writing short and long articles on everything that interests me and/or keeps me busy.

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